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Sculpture Jam 2003

Sculpture Jam 2003
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1 2 2hoops 3 3poles 3rivet 4 5
6 7 8 PB040371 PB050400 PB050404 PB050405 PB050414
PB050416 PB050417 PB050418 PB050419 PB050422 PB050423 PB050429 PB050431
PB050433 PB050435 PB050438 PB050447 PB050449 PB050460 PB050464 PB050467
PB050468 PB050473 PB050475 PB050479 PB050508 PB050511 PB050513 PB050517
PB050518 PB050520 PB050522 PB050523 PB050525 PB050526 PB050531 PB050534
PB050538 PB050539 PB050540 PB050542 PB050543 PB050544 PB050545 PB050546
PB050547 PB050548 PB050549 PB050550 PB050551 PB050552 PB050555 PB050557
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